Garden Masters 2016

Garden Masters 2016

I collaborated with Dominic Ramirez of Lux Landscape in this Exhibit at Garden Masters which is part of the Spring Home and Garden Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. We had a great turnout and amazing response to our exhibit.
We featured many sustainable garden elements which we incorporate into our designs in our installations.

BBQ  area and bar.  In a home install there would be a fridge or ice maker and even more elements.


IMG_2231This is a living wall built by Vertical Gardens Solutions. It got the most attention of anything at our booth. The outer perimeter is all moss, needs no care and everyone felt compelled to touch it. Most people make these out of succulents but this is meant for a shaded wall.


IMG_2235This 15 foot Weeping Willow is surrounded by grasses called Carex Frosted Curls.


IMG_2256Here is our sign showing all the collaborators. It takes a village! are all the awards we won. The judging is very low key so they tape tags onto the sign. We won the 6 awards on the board, foremost among them for design, plus we won People’s Choice Award for total of 7 awards.


IMG_2250Enjoying Mimosas on Sunday morning with our team.


IMG_2230This is my favorite area. I found these Kashmir Cypress and grey Adirondack chairs. It created such a tranquil sitting area that there were always people sitting there looking at the living wall. Unfortunately, each tree will get 50 feet tall and 20 feet wide. We are talking BIG garden.


IMG_2236We had signage about each aspect of the display and we won an award for educational information. This is my blurb.


IMG_2234Covered Dining Area. This might have moveable fabric panels in a home garden. All the furniture was made of reclaimed wood from US Reclaimed company who uses barns and structures from across america that are over 200 years old.


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