Choose from the following levels of service if you want to grow organic vegetables, herbs and fruits in raised beds or in a traditional landscape setting. I can customize the level of service for each homeowner.

DIY-Garden Mentoring

If you want to do it yourself but don’t know where to begin, I offer these options:
• Walk the property and indicate the best locations to grow edibles
• Make recommendations on which edibles to grow based on the family’s tastes and the gardens microclimates
• Give a vegetable Planting Guide and Timetable for Planting
• Mentor all of the DIY activities until the homeowner is comfortable proceeding alone
• Make recommendations on amending irrigation if necessary
• Teach seed starting
• Recommend Soil Testing before planting
• Discuss:
Edibles specific water requirements
Structures for plants that need trellising or staking
Exclusion of Animals and Pests
Which plants are suitable for a Front Yard
Why add flowers to attract beneficial insects
Budget of time and money

Design With Planting Plan & Plant List

For those who want the full service approach, I offer these options:
• Walk the property to determine the scope of the project
• Take notes, measurements and photos
• Present a Planting Plan and a Plant and Materials list
• Recommend a soil test and necessary irrigation adjustments
• Discuss budget of time and money
• Options:
Homeowner executes the Plan
I mentor the homeowner and/or their landscape service to execute the Plan
I recommend licensed and insured contractors to fulfill the Plan
I visit the property during construction to monitor progress

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