I offer several options to help homeowners create an inviting space that creates a sense of excitement as a potential buyer walks up to the front door.

Garden Staging Options

1. Walk the property with the homeowner and/or real estate agent. I point out what is good and make recommendations of items to remove or change based on budget and time restrictions. Homeowners take notes and do all the work.

2. I meet with the homeowner and/or real estate agent to discuss budget and time restrictions.
• Walk the property with or without them to determine the scope of the project.
• Take notes, measurements and photos
• Present a list of items that need remediation, a conceptual planting plan and a plant and materials list
• Options:
Homeowner executes the Plan
I mentor the homeowner and/or their landscape service to execute the Plan
Jackie and the Beanstalk does the work
I recommend licensed and insured contractors to fulfill the Plan
I visit the property during construction to monitor progress
I visit the property after the work is completed to evaluate the maintenance

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