San Diego Garden Staging

San Diego Garden Staging

This home in San Diego was in dire need of staging. With a very limited budget, the front of this house now beckons potential buyers. The owners wanted some edibles which were put in pots on the sunny patio.
I replaced the back patio pots which were too large for the beds and planted groups of succulents in glazed pots of varied colors.

This home had no curb appeal. It was for sale and I was called to the rescue. The next photo shows the results.
The front of this house had no curb appeal. I recommended to change the entry color.  I added some pots with colorful annuals and it now invites visitors to come and sit a while


The back patio looked so neglected. It was dirty and the plants in the containers were half dead and diseased. The pots were too big for the space as well.
The 2 large pots were removed and I planted the bed with glazed pots and easy to care for succulents. I added the homeowners outdoor sculpture for added interest.


A vignette of succulents was added for an additional focal point
The owners want edibles and the only sunny spot is the front patio which is all stone, so I put them in pots, which will do just fine.


Here is another view “after” we staged the front entry with a very limited budget.

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