This garden looked very lush and full at first glance, but upon closer inspection it was really overrun with many shrubs perennials that had not been groomed in a long time. We removed much of the chaos and that left a wonderful blank slate to work with.
The homeowners are from the east coast and were looking to recreate the large, lush perennial beds they had at their home in NY. We were able to use may of the same plants but I also substituted plants with a smilier look and feel that would survive in our Zone 10 climate zone.

I add some boulders and selected plants that would add a pop of color as you walk up the steps to the grand entry.

I removed many large and overgrown shrubs and replaced with plants more suitable for the spaces they were to fill.

Around the perimeter of the entry we filled in large gaps by using many of the same plants that existed but gave it better movement and flow.

Grasses, roses and succulents marry well with the La Jolla Bougainvillea.