My clients had very strong ideas about the feeling they wanted to create in their newly renovated garden. The focal point ids “The Office’, the entertaining hub of the garden. With outdoor dining, a BBQ and a television they were all set. The fire feature was put at the outside perimeter of the property to take full advantage of the spectacular view of the country club and golf course below and the mountains to the east.

I selected a muted palette of Mediterranean plants so as not to draw the eye away for the beautiful “borrowed” landscape.

The beds were fairly narrow so I used espaliered Grewia Occidentals for a green screen with colorful purple flowers.

Ice Cap roses were underplanted around the Olive trees. I selected that variety so as not to overpower the trees. They have a profusion of white blooms and stay more compact than Iceberg roses.

Gardenia and Gaura are planted in the island beds. The gardenia are so fragrant as you pass by.

We planted unusual daylillies which have yet to appear, we are hoping to see them pop through the soil in the spring. In the meantime we planted Magenta Angelonia for a pop of color through the end of summer and fall months.

A fruit tree alleé, which has not been planted yet, will have 4 citrus trees and many wonderful herbs.